Communion / Eucharist / Lord's Supper / Mass

This page gives information specifically about Communion services.  If you want to know what goes on generally at our services then see our What goes on behind the door? page.

Most of our morning services are Communion services, alternatively known as the Eucharist, the Lord’s Supper or Mass.  In the Eucharist we remember Jesus’ last meal with his followers before his death.   Loaves of unleavened bread (made without yeast), glasses of wine and Passover lambs sacrificed in the temple were used.  Jesus took these familiar things and gave them a new meaning.

Our regular Holy Communion services are NORMALLY at 8am and 9-30am on Sunday and 10am on the first Wednesday of the month.  In informal communion service is NORMALLY held at our Together @ 11 service once a month.  For details of what service is on any date, please see our What's On page. 

The services at 8am on Sunday and 10am on Wednesday are 'Said' services with no singing.  On the Sundays the 9-30am, this is normally a 'sung' service with hymns and where we sing parts of the order of service as well as the hymns (don't worry if it's new to you - nobody will notice). 

Communion is normally taken at the altar rail, in a kneeling position for those that are able to kneel. We normally take the wafer of bread then the drink from the cup of wine and say ‘Amen’ as we take each.
Some people are concerned about the hygiene of sharing the cup of wine but alcohol is a disinfectant and the rim of the chalice is wiped between uses. If you are suffering from an infectious bug or have a problem such as a cold-sore (or have a particular fear of sharing the cup) you can hang on to the wafer and dip this into the wine instead of drinking directly from the chalice.  If your are gluten-intolerant then please request a special wafer to be put aside for you before the service.

Can I Take Communion?

It is important to know that you are very welcome to communion services – whether you are intending to take communion or not – there is a lot more to the service than the taking of communion.  Receiving communion is normally reserved for those who have been confirmed although we have a special policy that allows some baptised children to take communion.  However, we do not restrict the sharing of communion to members of the Church of England. 

Those who are unwilling or unable to take communion, you are welcome to come to the altar rail for a blessing. Just bring a book with you so that the priest knows not to offer you the bread and wine.

Or – just stay where you are.  Nobody will be offended – communion is an important sacrament so we respect your decision not to take it if you don’t want to.

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