What is the PCC?

You may often hear mention of 'The PCC' but may not know what this is. 

The PCC is an acronmyn for Parochial Church Council and is established to ensure the governance and management of the church fabric & finance, pastoral & social activities. It is formed of the elected representatives of the church (not the vicar) and is there to support the vicar.

It represents the congregation, affirms the church amongst the community, encourages talent from within, ensures compliance with Health & Safety and seeks directions on the church prayerfully.

Some office-holders sit on the PCC because of holding their posts.  This includes the Clergy (Vicar &  Assistant Minister), Wardens and the Treasurer.  Other members of the PCC are elected by the Parish at the Annual General Meeting and normally hold office for three years.

At the Annual Parochial Church Meeting held on Sunday 2nd April 2017 officers and members of the PCC were duly elected for the year 2017 - 18.

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